1 1/2- Hand Swordfight

One and a half hander for beginners

Seminar contents - day 1:

  • historical overview of development of blank weapons and sword fighting forms
  • functional principels
  • theory of "central-line"
  • learning distance
  • positions (“Huten”)
  • rhythm and movement teaching
  • 6-areas  of attacs
  • hard and exact fighting and stabbing;
  • 10-hits-schema
  • free fight hitting: blockings, avoidings, bindings
  • classical and non classical parrying; avoiding; binding; countering


Seminar contents - day 2:

  • absorbing and strokes
  • combinations  of fighting techniques
  • changing from defense to attack
  • infight  - binding
  • introduction into winding
  • half blade working
  • selfdefense with swords


The practical goal

  • Teach a free emergency-like sword fight, without any rules. This is why the main focus of the second part of the seminar is always on actual practice, using the practice weapons, and implementing the techniques learned.
  •  During this two day seminar, the focus is on the areas of two-step-combinations, and changing from attack to defense.


Theoretical goal

  • is the capability of independent checking/testing and deepening expertise, on your own, as well as with a partner.



  • Please bring along sport shoes (also for outdoors) with cushioned soles, leather gloves with gauntlet, towel, sweat absorbent clothing, sweater, thick jacket with hood. Practicing weapons are provided by seminar teacher.


Dates: Please ask via e-mail, phone or fax.


  • Ronneburg/Hessen, one of the most beautiful castles in Germany! (Freeway/motorway 66, exit Langenselbold, further details on registration) Overnight stay is possible (in the castle with sleeping bag, 10,-€ extra charge)


Fee/costs: Participation both days: total is €130.90 (seminar fee plus VAT)

Deposit: €50 (is forfeited by non-participation)

After the seminar you have the possibility of a personal talk during a common meal (participation not obligatory!)

More Informations or announcement via E-Mail: info@west-coast.de or via Phone/Fax 06074 7287494